Saturday, April 17, 2010


Other than cooking at the hotel school at Cornell (where I'm making other peoples recipes), it's hard to find the time or the resources to cook, much less experiment with ideas. Since September I've been writing down ideas I've had (as well as classic dishes I'd like to make) on scraps of paper, my dry erase board, in random .txt files saved to my desktop, etc. I was about to make a master word document compiling all these thoughts, but realized it'd be just as interesting to post that list here.

-pillsbury biscuits --> doughnuts with yuzu curd and vanilla glaze
-pate de fruit
-caramelized white chocolate (applications)
-cornmeal+ lemon + olive oil cake
-mousses (frozen, molded)
-hockey puck sized macaroons
-layered cakes (petit fours)
-opera cake
-pate a choux donut holes filled with pastry cream
-vacherin (lined with white chocolate) + passion fruit pastry cream + tropical fruit salsa
-frozen alginate --> thaw in calcium bath (perfect spheres)
-plastic tube --> riff on Alinea --> root beer float = vanilla + root beer tapioca + birch beer gel
-deconstructed s'more
-deconstructed tiramasu
-big semisphere chocolates (a la Migoya) with layered fillings
-alcoholic bubble tea (either spike the tea itself with vodka, bourbon, rum, amaretto, tequila OR soak tapioca pearls in simple syrup + alcohol)
-apples --> cut into cubes --> cook like bananas foster --> spherical mold on place --> flavors of brown betty
-cake balls
-pate a choux (the perfect eclair)
-different types of sweeteners (sucrose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, fructose, invert sugar, trimoline, honey, molasses)
-how different types of flours act (all purpose, cake, baking, self-rising, almond, whole wheat, unbleached)
-eggs, pasteurized yolks vs shell
-using whipped egg whites in cakes
-how does steeping work in flavor infusion (hot cream + citrus peel = flavored cream --> HOW?)

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