Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food Updates

Le Bernardin stage was fantastic.

Recently made caramelized white chocolate bonbons (delicious).

Have been given the opportunity to write more restaurant reviews for the Daily Sun. Vietnamese restaurant will be published this week, followed by Moosewood for Earth Day, and a not-yet-determined restaurant two weeks later.

Using leftovers from around the floor, I made chocolate bark tonight. Melted down dark chocolate and added frosted flakes, cheerios, corn flakes, dried fruit, nuts, and oatmeal. Let cool and drizzled with white chocolate. While passing the bark out throughout the building around 1 AM, at least a dozen people asked "how much pot is in this?" Only in college is it ASSUMED that the chocolate I'm offering you is laced with marijuana.

Madison Flager, your belated birthday gift will be in the mail soon.