Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Serving Pieces

Below are images of non-traditional serving pieces.

The "Hot Potato/Cold Potato" dish from Alinea. Cold potato soup is served in a paraffin wax bowl. Suspended above is a metal pin containing parmesan cheese, chive, a hot sphere of yukon gold potato cooked in butter, and a slice of truffle. The pin is removed, the ingredients fall into the soup, and the dish is "shot."

A "spider" on which several bites of food are served.

Bacon wheel.

A metal clip holding a raspberry transparency

A cylindrical plastic tube. Inside is a dessert made of Bubble Yum flavored tapioca, hibiscus gel, and creme fraiche. The dish is meant to be "slurped."

A bowl with a small notch for the fork. Inside the bowl is a sauce/soup. The intention is for the dinner to dip whatever is on the fork into the sauce.

Plastic serving piece with metal pin.

Another version of a "spider." This time the food is removed (a cinnamon stick plays the part of handle).

A stone container filled with sauce into which the dish is placed.

Dish served on a pin.

Guitar pick.

A hole was drilled on the right side for aromatics to be inserted.

A "bottomless" bowl. There is nothing in the bowl, which has no bottom. Once the spoon is removed, the diner realizes the bottom of the bowl is actually the table below.

Dish is served on a burnt log.

Dish is served on a pillow that is filled with scented air. As the diner eats the dish, the pillow slowly deflates, releasing the scent around the table.

Doing away with a serving piece altogether. The chef comes to the diners table and unrolls a silicone sheet across it. The dish is plated directly onto the silicone mat. After finishing, the mat is folded up and removed from the table.

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